Any profession cannot be evolved as a trend. A person who thinks it is just one side of coin never be a change maker. A person who always think both sides of a coin, who is visionary can be the change. He is called as a true passionate….. When Alibag was knowing only Barbour, that time one person started his own salon and give a different identity for hair cutting profession. He showed up that Barbour can also be glamorized. That magic brings by the magician of Beauty Industry; Amit Vaidya…..

Amit Vaidya is the trending name of industry. After taking training under leading hair care company technicians in India and London he comes to know a number of varieties like; latest and creative cuts, highlights, chemical reform, aroma-therapy, skin-polishing, facials, etc. He always upgrades himself with the latest trend, the latest style of Industry by attending seminars, advanced courses, talk shows.


1st place gold medal in Aihba national trophy Ahmedabad 2016 & 1st place in 2019 in HBS INDIA AWARDS

4th Place In Aihba National Trophy Ahmedabad 2015

Chendhare Sanman By Chendhere Panchayat Alibag 2010

Judge At ABTC Body Painting Competition Mumbai 2017

Participation in HBS INDIA Awards 2018

Judge At Aihba National Trophy Delhi 2017